Hair Transplantation and Its Cost


When opting for a surgical hair restoration treatment one important question, which comes into mind is what would be the cost for the treatment? The cost of the hair transplant varies largely. The estimation and stats indicate that the hair transplant cost in US can vary more than 300% than the actual cost. There are many surgical hair restoration clinics with different procedures from partial transplant to complete transplant; their rates varies as well from expensive to cheap. There are various factors that define the cost of hair transplantation, which include the technique adopted for the transplant and surgeon’s acumen and delicate handling while performing the transplant.

What you can pay for a Surgery

The average cost of transplant treatment lies between $5 and $12 per graft and one graft includes 1 to 4 follicle units. Some of the hair restoration clinics might offer multiple pricing packages that may not abide by the system of pricing which based on the number of implanted grafts.

Nowadays tourism becomes more popular among many patients around the world; there are many clinics in abroad where the follicle graft cost can be much lesser than $5; with the travel expenses included the patients saves thousands of dollars which also give them a trip to other country. There are many hair tourist destinations in the world, which include but not limited to, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, California, CABA, Argentina, Pakistan, India and UAE; so one can find a proper treatment in almost every country of the world. Cost can also vary depending on the economy of the country Hair Restoration Specialist.

Methods of Hair Transplant

The total number of grafts that are implanted determine the entire cost and sessions you would require for your transplantation. As some people only requires one session while others may require two or more sessions to fill the no hair area of the scalp. The Follicular grafts units can be extracted from the most hairy parts of your body or from the recipient area of the scalp. The popular methods for transplantation, which are mostly used by the experts, are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE hair transplant), Follicular Unit, or the Strip method. While comparing these methods FUE hair transplant is more desirable and result promising. Considering the painlessness, low downtime and no scarring effect the FUE hair transplant makes it a comparatively better alternative to FUT method.

An Ideal Solution

The cost of surgical hair restoration is not cheap, it would certainly dent your savings or you might need for a bank loan for such costly surgery. However, in many countries like those that in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries, it is much cheaper as they also posses the world’s finest hair restoration clinics but who would opt for such traveling just for a surgery. Consulting from multiple hair restoration clinics in your country would be an ideal solution for you, whereas if you are planning a holiday trip, then why not consider a place where you can get cost effective treatment, and save thousands of dollars.

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